Quantitative analysis is widely used by quant hedge funds to produce gains that historically have outperformed the market.  However, the best quant hedge funds are generally only made available to employees, family members and a small number of early clients. QuantCycles delivers a new approach to quantitative analysis and the QuantCycles algorithm was designed for every day private investors and traders. Our proprietary algorithm uses thousands of historical data points to analyze cyclical patterns in the market. The cycle analysis algorithm then uses this data to predict turning points and produces alerts to help you identify when to get into and out of trades.

 A break through two years in the making, only made possible by combining computer engineering with the stock market. The QuantCycles system has been credited by the Money Show with predicting most major turns in the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the past two decades (Additional references available upon request). QuantCycles is a must have for anyone serious about maximizing their trading skills/knowledge.

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Traditional cycle analysis techniques attempt to isolate only a few cycles. This approach focuses on the totality of all cyclical forces influencing a market. QuantCycles identifies all the predominant cycles in a data stream, extracts them, and then performs a cyclical summation. Our algorithm then builds the composite of all of the important cycles into a sinusoidal-looking wave that projects into the future. 

The math that has gone into our program is unique, and is the result of a new approach to cycle analysis. Similar to but vastly superior to Fourier Analysis, our creative approach is not available elsewhere. The technique for extracting cyclical activity, and de-trending raw data, is what allows us to produce this unique analysis.

The combination of elegant mathematical formulas developed by one of the foremost minds in the field, along with real money trading experience and development over the last 30 years sets the QuantCycles analysis apart from all other commercially available cycle techniques.

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