Long-term Equity & Forex Plays

John Rawlins takes a long-term look at Boeing, Cisco and the EUR/GBP.

Commodities: A Long-term Cyclical Look

John Rawlins share some long-term plays in the commodity sector.

S&P 500 Analysis: Cautious Pessimism

There may be greater volatility ahead for the S&P 500 according to John Rawlins’ QuantCycles Oscillator

Precious Metal Turning Point?

Time to reverse last month’s successful short in gold and silver, says John Rawlins founder of QuantCycles

Is Cisco's Run at an End?

While the S&P 500 has been toying with their all-time highs, CSCO erased all of its Q4 2018 losses by Valentine’s Day, writes John Rawlins.

VIX QuantCycle Flashing Warning Sign

We figured it was a good time to examine what the QuantCycle Oscillator’s view of the market’s fear gauge is, writes John Rawlins.

EUR/GBP Pair at Extreme

The EUR/GBP appears close to a major move, says John Rawlins.

Copper May Confirm Slow-growth Scenario & Gas Update

John Rawlins updates recent QuantCylce forecasts and shows why copper may be confirming recent weak economic numbers.

Are Equities Nearing Top?

QuantCycle Oscillator indicates that equities are nearing possible top according to John Rawlins.

Natural Gas Could be Facing a Significant Trend Reversal

The QuantCycle Oscillator is indicating that natural gas could be ready to reverse its recent bearish trend.

Buy Lean Hogs & Sell Live Cattle


This week’s QuantCycle report includes a strong spread opportunity, notes John Rawlins.

Silver & Gold Index Extremely Overbought

The QuantCylce Indicator is showing an interesting set-up in the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (XAU), which is being confirmed by the actual commodities, notes John Rawlins.

Gold May Have Overdone Rally, BAC Overbought, Pound at Extremes

There are interesting set-ups in the Dow, gold and British pound according to John Rawlins’ QuantCycle Indicator.

The QuantCycle Indicator Forecasts Moves in the Nasdaq 100, Crude, and the Long Bond

John Rawlins’ QuantCycle indicator is showing major moves ahead. Here we share upcoming moves and recent accurate predictions.

Bank of America in Danger Zone

The Quant Cycle indicator shows several markets including BAC in extreme territory on the oscillator, notes John Rawlins.

S&Ps, Dow & Nasdaq All Show Technical Weakness

The QuantCycle Indicator is flashing a bright warning sign for the major stock indexes this week, says John Rawlins.

Short-term Moves in Crude, Beans and the Dow

The QuantCycles Indicator reveals opportunities in crude oil, soybeans and the Dow Jones Index according to John Rawlins.

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