How accurate are our cycles?

Each week, we run our cloud optimization service across a cluster of GPUs in order to compute the unique frequency components of each market and interval.  The result is a fine-tuned cycle analysis for each.

The table below is divided into our sector groupings.  The cloud optimization service provides a percent accuracy for each symbol, chart type, and interval analyzed at the completion of the analysis.  This percent accuracy is based on a fairly straight forward interpretation of what a correctly completely cycle means.  That is, from cycle peak / trough to cycle peak / trough, the price measured at each point is in the expected direction.  If the price points, as correlated to each peak / tough relates correctly to the cycle direction (i.e. an up cycle peak end price is above the cycle tough start price), the cycle is considered correct. 

Each symbol and interval are completely unique from a cycle phase / frequency standpoint, and the QuantCycles algorithm works better on some as compared to others.  Therefore, we recommend you use the information below to determine how to utilized the analysis appropriately.

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