Cycle Continuation Opportunity

These are defined as a deviation of the forecast direction, in the form of a pullback, expecting the market to return to the forecast direction. A Dual Opportunity has a higher probability of returning to the forecast direction than a Single Opportunity. Always look for market commonality. For example, if you’re looking at a DOW30 stock to buy, does the index look positive as well?

Cycle Extreme Alert

These are defined as a deviation of the forecast direction, in the form of a pullback, but with a lessor probability of return to the forecast direction. A Dual Extreme is a stronger Support / Resistance than a Single Extreme. The Cycle Continuation Opportunity information above applies here as well, but can be utilized more to take profits than to consider for entry Indicates that a market is at or near a Cycle Support or Resistance. There is a high probability of a market stall.

Our daily and weekly analysis is an essential tool for anyone trading options, risk managers that are looking for a longer-term forecast, and especially commercial clients that need to hedge future price volatility. The important reason our longer-term analysis is so valuable is that we are extracting longer-term cycles that are much more stable and have less shift in their phase angle, amplitude and frequency. If you are trading short-term you should incorporate our end of day analysis into your trading strategies. It is hard to trade intraday with our daily and weekly analysis alone, but with that being said the daily and weekly help to give you a longer-term perspective and should be very helpful with your shorter-term strategies.

Access to our Daily and Weekly analysis does not require any trading platform.  These charts are accessible directly through our website with a subscription to the service.  Charts are updated each night between 17:00 and 19:00 EST after the close of the market in order to give ample time to analyze.

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