Artifical Intelligence (AI) guided trading decisions

QuantCycles is a Predictive analysis system to help you make good market decisions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven predictive algorithms

Improve opportunity, precision and consistency with your day trading using Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Lerning (ML)

With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based predictive algorithms and real-time data analysis, QuantCycles empowers traders with actionable insights into market trends, price movements, and potential trade opportunities. With refined algorithms using advanced Fourier Cycle Analysis, Hurst Cycles and W.D. Gann theories, our latest version delivers exceptionally accurate forecasting, providing invaluable insights into market trends and potential opportunities

Are you a live day trader?

We offer Live Cycle Analysis

– Adaptive Entry Signal Generation – Forecast Cycle Direction / Duration
– Forecast Cycle Amplitude / Strength
– Forecast Expected Cycle Target Range from Entry Signal Point
– Forecast Expected Cycle Time Duration from Entry Signal Point
– Forecast Hurst Cycles

Our application works with

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EOD Analysis to help you make after hours decisions

End of day market opportunities and extremes​

Our Opportunities and Extremes Market Analysis is generated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) backed  published daily, highlighting Trade Opportunities where we provide the following:

– Projected Direction of Opportunity with an accuracy
– Expected Duration of the Opportunity
– Expected Price Movement of the Opportunity

QuantCycles Theories in practice

W.D. Gann, a renowned financial trader of the early 20th century, crafted advanced theories and methodologies for market analysis and forecasting. His insights were deeply rooted in mathematical concepts like Fourier analysis, which identifies cyclical patterns in trading data. While Gann’s era predated the work of J.M. Hurst, who pioneered Hurst Cycles for predictive analysis in the mid-20th century, Gann’s contributions stand independently. Our Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms build upon the foundational work of Gann, Fourier, and Hurst.

Customer feedback

What our clients say

Our clients love our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered QuantCycles system and don’t mind sharing their experiences!

“Thanks again for the awesome QC tool. I phased out of my short AXP position on the way down late yesterday and actually nailed the bottom with my last group due to the QC tool screaming oversold at me (when the Dow was down 520 or so). I have to admit….the greedy bear in me really wanted to stay in but I closed it out. Very nice little lick there. Sincere thanks”.

Probably JM Hurst envisioned something like this to project cycles in a computerized manner in the early 70’s, unfortunately, that was still of a “paper and pencil” world that didn’t allow investors to discover the whole potential of the cyclic analysis.

The great news is that QuantCycles has done it now for us. I have been applying the QuantCycles indicator in real trading since 2017 in combination with the swing trading concepts and cyclic techniques, a strategy that I manage publicly on eToro and that is copied by hundreds of investors all over the world. Thank you QuantCycles for your job!

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