What's included in our End of Day package

Each EOD package offers three types of extremes


Cycle single alert opportunities

These are called a deviation of the forecast direction, but with one of the timeframes at an alert extreme, and the other timeframe confirming the direction of the forecast of the single alert direction. 


Cycle Dual Alert Opportunities

These deviations happen when the forecasted direction goes off track, but one of the timeframes goes to an extreme alert level, while the other timeframe still supports the original forecasted direction.


Cycle Continuation Opportunities

Similar to a Single or Dual Alert.  It indicates that the Daily and Weekly analysis are overbought or oversold, and that a market is at or near Support or Resistance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed analysis

By harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), we create End of Day Analysis reports for predictive analytics, providing our customers with precise and timely insights to stay informed about the latest market developments.

QuantCycles Live Alerts works on all devices

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Machine Learning (ML) helps keep us current

Machine Learning (ML), in addition to our understanding and implementation of is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computer systems to improve their performance. Our usage of advanced Fourier Cycle Analysis, Hurst Cycles and W.D. Gann theories is the driving force behind our commitment to delivering cutting-edge and up-to-date tools that empower our clients to make informed investment decisions.

What does an alert look like?

Below is a sample of one of our End of Day Analysis

End of Day Analysis is generated just before 5PM

Amplitude is 32° – Good

Direction Accuracy is 50%

Market is at Support Extreme
Expect market consolidation Between $126.40625 and $126.375

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