Some common questions from our current clients

Q: What makes QuantCycles unique and different from other technical analysis?
A: Our proprietary algorithms filter multiple cycles from historical data, combines them, and gives a
graphical representation of their predictive behavior.

Q: Can a novice trader learn your system?
A: Yes. QuantCycles is a directional indicator designed to give you confidence in the market’s overall
behavior. Just remember that every time you trade you must be trading according to a well-thought-
out and calculated plan.

Q: Is this a standalone tool?
A: Yes, it is a standalone tool. However, many experienced traders use it in conjunction with other
indicators to settle their trading.

Q: Is there a free trial?
A: QuantCycles offer free trials only during special promotions.

Q: How difficult is your system?
A: Our system is very simplistic. It gives you a graphical display of the probable projected behavior of
the market, within specific parameters.

Q: Will you be going over live trades as they setup for educational purposes? 
A:  We will announce available web conferencing options to assist subscribers in the learning process.

Q: Do you have a live demo about how QuantCycles works or training videos?
A: Yes. Check our demo videos on our website.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: On the front page of our website, go to the upper right corner and click on your name/icon. On the
Profile page scroll down to Account Management, New Password, Set New Password. Change the
default password to your preference.

Q: Can I make changes to a subscription I already purchased?
A: Yes you can. However, you need to cancel your initial subscription within 10 days, then subscribe to
the new option that you desire. The payment for your initial subscription will be fully refunded.

Q: I’m trying to download the install and I get a message that my download link has expired?
What can I do?
A: Download files provided to subscribers at time of purchase, expire after 7 days.
If users get a download expiration message, users can go into their account and get their download
from the Members Area, Manage, at any time.

Q: The NT8 version is quite different from NT7. It has a time projected into the future on the center
projected line, and it tells you in text the current sentiment. Can you please explain?
A: We have visually changed the appearance of the graphics. The current appearance of the cycle is
based on the color of the histogram. Green is up, red is down. If it’s green, the sentiment is bullish, if
it’s red, the sentiment is bearish.

Q: I have read that the data for FOREX is free on NinjaTrader.  If yes, is the free data sufficient for
QuantCycles or do I need to purchase additional data (Kinetic, Bar chart, etc.)?
A: The free FOREX data should provide adequate data for our analysis.

Q: If I subscribe to the NinjaTrader Live package, is End of Day also included?
A: If you subscribe to any Live product at regular price, the End of Day is included.

Q: I just purchased the Live Micro Futures. I trade NQ and was wondering if you could help me with
the Best Time Frame and the Best Setting I should be using for best results.
A: We can help guide you to set up the best setting for the specific time frame that you are trading.
However, we cannot recommend what time frame you should be trading.

Q: Is this an automated program?
A: This is not an automated program. We provide analysis; not a buy or sale research.

Q: What do the components of the indicator mean?

A: Check our demo video on our website. You may also send a request to team@quantcycles.com for
additional support.

Q: Is there less than 5-minute data available?
A: Yes, we provide I, 2 and 3-minute data for markets that are very liquid, such as E-mini futures,
Crude Oil and Gold.

Q: Are you more consistent in one market over another?
A: Yes. There are markets with a higher percentage of accuracy. Historically there are better results in
heating oil than soy beans because of the higher percentage of cyclical behavior. We are able to
extract more data.

Q: Is it meaningful if the next projected low is lower than the previous price low?
A: Yes. Our analysis is graphical and you can gage support and resistance from our opportunity zones
and observe the amplitude of the projection.

Q: Do parameters change per time frame?
A: Yes, they do. Please refer to instructions below on how to change parameters.
In NinjaTrader, you right click on the chart:
● Click on Indicators
● In the ‘Available’ column, Click on QuantCycles folder
● Select the QuantCycles version 3.2.0
● In the ‘Properties’, look for option ‘03. Detrend entry offset’
You will see a default threshold level 19, which you can use for 30, 60, 120 and 240 minutes’
● To use other timeframes, change the number as shown below:

34 for a 1-minute timeframe
32 for a 2-minute timeframe
30 for a 3-minute timeframe
24 for a 5-minute timeframe
22 for a 15-minute timeframe

Q: What does % complete mean? 
A: The cycle analysis has a phase from beginning to end. The % Complete tells how far along you are
in the cycle phase.

Q: What are the Red bands at top and bottom?
A: They represent a specific standard deviation from the center cycle summation.

Q: Is there any planned date for QuantCycles to be released on Metatrader 4 and TradeStation?
A: Yes. We are in the process of developing our analysis on these platforms. The release date will be

Q:  I am unable to login to my NT8 live account. I got a message that said ‘Trader can’t connect to the
WEBapi, what should I do? 
A: You might need to re-enter your NT license key and then login again. However, your best bet is to
contact NinjaTrader 24-hour emergency helpdesk a orders@ninjatrader.com or 312-423-2234.

Q: How does QuantCycles display turning points in the market?
A: Turning points are highlighted on the charts of the various timeframes. A negative reversal is
indicated by a red vertical line, and a positive reversal is indicated by a vertical green line.