Live Cycles Analysis & Signals for NinjaTrader 8

Struggle with when to enter and exit the market?

QuantCycles Predictive Analysis and Signals will help guide you

Cycle Projection Turning Points

Our analysis relies on cyclical data embedded in historical information, varying based on the analyzed timeframe. Market accuracy percentages differ, leading us to project within probability bands. Extreme points within these bands indicate a likely price reversal, highlighted as potential Signals. Cyclic projections confirm the extreme and provide a Target Opportunity Zone projected on the chart.

Signal & Cycle Features

  • AdaptiveĀ Entry SignalĀ Generation
  • Forecast Cycle Direction / Duration
  • Forecast Cycle Amplitude / Strength
  • Forecast Expected Cycle TargetĀ RangeĀ from Entry Signal Point
  • Forecast Expected Cycle TimeĀ DurationĀ from Entry Signal PointĀ 
Bonds, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Futures, Stocks or Micros

The QuantCycles tool is perfect for day traders

The ability to anticipate a trend change gives traders an amazing advantage.


Pursuing perfection every day

Our team is dedicated to continuously measuring and maintaining Cycle Accuracy Statistics in both direction and duration. These statistics are not simply numbers; they are utilized through a Feedback Loop to dynamically adjust the Target Opportunity Zone.

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